We form the Future!

I conduct basic and applied research in computer science.

Theoretical Methods

I am developing theoretical methods for artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, image and signal classification, data mining, computer vision, clustering and others.

Industrial Relationship

The methods form the basic for our IT tools that are worldwide sold by our industrial partners.

Interdisciplinary Work

My theoretical methods and software developments are not limited to these areas listed below. I can work interdisciplinary and I am quickly able to work in different application areas with the domain experts on a highly professional way.

The application areas are:

Life Sciences

Cell Image Analysis and Interpretation
Motion Analysis
High-Content Screening
Spectrum Analysis
Computational Systems Biology


Image Analysis
Video Recognition
Image Data Bases

Data/Image/Web Mining

Case-Based Reasoning

World Wide Web

Recommendation Systems
Behavioral Targeting
Customer Profile Analysis
Detection of rare/novel Events
Internet of Things

but are not limited to these areas.

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